More clues Tucson team coming to El Paso?

EL PASO, Texas - MountainStar Sports Group has registered a website domain name that could be another clue the Tucson Padres' Triple-A club will be the team coming to El Paso.

MountainStar Sports is the company formed in May to bring a Triple-A baseball team to El Paso. The officers that are a part of MountainStar have been trying to purchase an affiliated baseball team for two years.

Internet registration records show that was registered on June 7 by Franklin Mountain Management company. Scott Weaver, an officer with MountainStar also is an officer with Franklin Mountain Management, according to state records.

The El Paso Padres website has the silhouette of a baseball player and the star on the mountain in the sky without the mountain.

Franklin Mountain Management also has registered It was registered in 2004, the same year that affiliated baseball left El Paso when the Diablos were moved to Missouri.

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