MLS in the Borderland?

El Paso, Texas - Soccer and El Paso are a popular combination.

Now, a national sports writer has made a suggestion that has people talking.

An article was found online, at

The website is a popular sports website linked to CNN.

The article discusses Major League Soccer's expansion to cities like St. Louis, Atlanta, and Miami.

The writer said an MLS team in El Paso makes sense.

The idea is not a new one.

City staffers listened to a report in June that outlined a possible soccer field.

Numerous sites were listed as potentials, including Paisano Street and the Downtown Railyard.

So far, no official plans have been announced.

ABC-7 asked for response to the idea from viewers on Facebook.

The article gained a large amount of positive feedback.

"I wold love it," wrote CW Ward. "I would buy season tickets."

Other commenters tied in the AAA baseball stadium.

"Should've gone with that instead of with a baseball stadium," Irene Salais wrote. "I just think El Paso is more of a soccer city."

Some viewers took a more conservative approach, such as Elenor Solis Maldonado.

"I say let's finish with the baseball stadium first, then think about other sports," Maldonado said.

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