MLS in El Paso? Mayor reacts

Oscar Leeser told ABC-7 he wants to make sure this process is run a lot differently than the one that brought AAA baseball to El Paso

MLS in EP? Mayor reacts to announcement

EL PASO, Texas - Oscar Leeser wasn't in office in 2012 when Mountainstar Sports Group announced the opportunity to purchase a AAA baseball team and bring it to El Paso.

Leeser told ABC-7 he wants to make sure this process is run a lot differently.

"It's very important that we take it all in and make sure our backs are not up against the wall and that we look at all possibilities moving forward," said Oscar Leeser.

Leeser did not give a solid answer on a location of a potential stadium, saying repeatedly, "This is really early, but it's important that explore all avenues."

He also urged the city to rally behind big opportunities, mentioning the exhibition soccer match July 6 in Sun Bowl Stadium featuring Los Angeles-based Chivas USA.

"We need to go to that game. We need to show support for the exhibition game," said Leeser.

As for helping foot the bill for a new MLS stadium, the mayor was clear. "When it comes to huge investments, I want it to go to the voters, absolutely."

In 2012, El Paso voters approved the construction of a multipurpose arena for downtown.

People with knowledge of the bond projects told ABC-7, the arena would likely not be used to house a soccer team.

Leeser also said if any changes arise regarding how the arena should be used, it should be taken back to the voters.

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