Missing couple found in Michigan; baby boy still missing

The Farrey couple is being sent back to El Paso.

Missing boy

EL PASO, Texas - UPDATE 11/18/13: El Paso Police confirmed they found the Farrey couple at the Eagles Nest Motel in Escanaba, Michigan 2:30 Sunday morning. Jeffrey, 22, and his wife Jenna, 20, are now being extradited back to El Paso. Their 19-month-old baby Blake is in Child Protective Custody. The 5-month-old baby Jackson is still missing. 

In court documents obtained by ABC-7 an El Paso judge issued a warrant for Jenna's arrest Monday. The documents state she is currently serving five years probation for child abandonment. 

Court affidavits describe last summer, when Jenna left her then 3-month-old son, Blake alone for 8 hours last year while she went to Elephant Butte Lake.

This wasn't the first time she abandoned Blake. Her affidavit states she left him alone for hours at a time, several times, to go to the movies and the mall.

Witnesses also reported, Blake's play-pen mattress and sheets were covered in feces.
A part of her probation was to attend an alcohol treatment program, and stay in El Paso County.

The Farreys were reported missing Friday, after Jenna's husband, 22-year-old soldier Jeffrey Farrey, didn't report for duty. His squad leader went to their home and found a suspicious letter, prompting him to call police.

POSTED 11/16/13: ABC-7 crews went to their westside home where detectives continue to look for clues in the case of the young couple and their babies who're nowhere to be found.

Walking up to the Farrey family's home on the westside it looks like a typical Saturday night. You see a normal house in the suburbs, there's a car in the driveway, the lights are on, cups still on a porch table. A garage sale sign leans against the fence.

"I've seen them just recently," said one neighbor. "They moved in about a month ago. They seem, normal, nice people." 

But if you look down the street, an El Paso police patrol car sits waiting, a reminder that the investigations continues this weekend in the case of a family that mysteriously vanished.

"There was two or three police cars and two of the trucks from animal control here," said one neighbor.

It was Friday when El Paso police discovered 22-year-old Jeffrey Farrey, his wife 20-year-old Jenna Farrey and their two children 19-month old Blake and 6-month old Jackson, were gone. Police say a dark-colored Dodge Charger, and their dog were missing too -- which doesn't add up to what nearby neighbor Jack Ansely said he saw, two animal control trucks. 

"There was no sirens or anything, no ambulance, no fire truck or anything else, which is why I thought it was a dog bite," Ansley said,  "because there was two animal control trucks vehicles, two of them."

In the process of learning more details, the ABC-7 I-team discovered Jenna Farrey plead guilty to child endangerment in January. She didn't serve prison time, though.

Multiple video diaries are online, including two titled "Army wife blog," leading the ABC-7 I-team to call Fort Bliss. A spokesman confirmed Jeffrey is assigned to the First Armored Division and missed formation Friday. Jeffrey also didn't respond to calls or texts.  That's when his squad leader went to his home to check on him. The Army spokesman says no one would open the door. So the squad leader called the landlord to gain entry into the home. 

Once inside the home, the squad leader found something which led him to call El Paso Police. What remains the biggest mystery, and the information EPPD won't release, is why police said the family could be in danger, and why the Crimes Against Persons unit, a section of the police department which deals mainly in kidnappings and murders, has taken on the case.

Police are asking people to call them if they know any information about the Farrey family's whereabouts. 

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