Starbucks treating veterans & active duty service members to free tall coffee on Veterans Day

Military spouses will also benefit, Starbucks says

EL PASO, Texas - Any veteran, active duty military and military spouses who visit Starbucks on Veterans Day - Saturday, November 11, 2017 - will be treated to a free tall coffee, a company official said.

Through November 15, 2017, for every Veterans Day Starbucks Card purchased, Starbucks will also donate $5 to the following  Veterans organizations: Team Rubicon, Team Red, White & Blue, and The Mission Continues.

Also through November 15, Starbucks employees will be able to donate their weekly coffee bag benefit to troops serving overseas.

Company officials said Starbucks takes great pride in being a Veterans-friendly company. Since 2013, Starbucks has hired more than 12,000 Veterans and military spouses, and is committed to hiring a total of 25,000 more by 2025.

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