Snowball Express flies Gold Star families for the holidays

Snowball Express

EL PASO, texas - Many families get together during the holidays but that’s not an option for everyone.

Some military families who have lost loved ones are taking a trip this year, 40 families from El Paso waited at the airport, getting ready to meet more than 3000 people in Dallas at this year’s Snowball Express.

They all have one thing in common: these families have all lost a loved one in the military, and it brings them together.

“The first year that we came here, and every year, it’s been a very nice experience, seeing how the families get together, how they comfort each other during the whole time,” said Lorrie Salinas, who was traveling with her niece and nephew.

For this family, it’s part of their holiday traditions. Even if it’s all because their family is incomplete, it won’t stop them from enjoying.

“I like it because it’s fun interacting with people in the holiday season, especially coming out and just being in spirit in the season,” said Julian Thomas.

With thousands of families getting together, they say special connections are made.

“I feel like I can relate more to the families, and it’s like, something you can talk about to other people who have gone through the same situation,” Sonia Quickley explained.