Fort Bliss welcomes its new garrison commander

Fort Bliss welcomes its new Garrison...

FORT BLISS, Texas - Col. Michael Hester is moving on to another assignment. Fort Bliss held the Change of Command ceremony Friday morning for incoming Garrison Commander Col. Steve Murphy.

Murphy describes the position as the city manager of Fort Bliss. Murphy will lead the staff and make sure emergency services and quality of life programs are running, among many other duties. Murphy is new to El Paso; he said he's been in Fort Bliss for about a week, but said he's excited to get to work as soon as possible.

"I think the first thing I want to do is get my feet set in the position. I'd like to learn more about Fort Bliss and El Paso, I'd like to have the opportunity to talk to the staff and figure out exactly what are the challenges that we're facing," said Murphy. "I'd like to meet with the people not only on post but the people and citizens of El Paso to figure out how we can make the already existing relationship, which is already strong, even stronger."

The outgoing commander, Col. Hester, will stay at Fort Bliss. He'll now serve as the chief of staff for the 1st Armored Division

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