Fort Bliss: Possible government shutdown won't affect operations on base

FORT BLISS - Fort Bliss officials said Friday that work will continue as normal at the United States Army base if the government were to shut down.

The public affairs office at Fort Bliss said that military personnel on active duty will continue in a normal duty status but will not be paid until Congress appropriates the funds to compensate them for their service, if the shutdown happens.

Furloughs could happen for civilian workers, while a limited amount of other personnel will continue operations at reduced levels.  

The Army base suggests the Fort Bliss community refer to its social media pages for updated information. 

Fort Bliss said its following services will run as outlined if a shutdown occurred. 

-  Fire:  Fire services will continue operations in their core functions.  Areas such as emergency response will operate business as usual.  Administrative services will be curtailed.  

-  Police:  Police services will continue operations in their core functions.  Areas such as emergency response will operate business as usual.  Administrative services will be extremely limited.

-  Medical Services:  We kindly ask your patience and indulgence as we work through staffing adjustments necessitated by the mandatory furloughs.

Even during these tough times, we remain committed to providing our beneficiaries with the highest quality care available.  Army Medicine Leaders will ensure that access to care and the standard of healthcare, dental care, and veterinary care is not diminished during the furlough.

If there is an absence of appropriations, our military treatment facilities will still continue the following services:

.    Medical/Dental readiness support 
.    Emergency Care/Response
.    All inpatient and wounded warrior care
.    Pharmacies (to include prescription refills), labs, and radiology
.    Timely follow-up and management of existing conditions
.    Scheduling of acute appointments for ongoing and follow-up care will continue.
.    Medical care such as BH, OB, Pediatrics, Adult Wellness, etc. will be sustained.
.    Appointments already scheduled will not be cancelled and care will be provided 
in conjunction with same-day care.
.    Accreditation-dependent GME medical care activities will continue and are 
considered excepted functions under shutdown guidance.  
.    Medical support to mission critical operational forces, to include training, will 
.    Minimum Support Services required to sustain excepted activities will continue.  
For those seeking care in the private sector through TRICARE benefits, little effect is anticipated at this time

Curtailed:  Elective medical and dental surgeries/procedures will be curtailed unless attending provider assesses threat to life/limb.  

-  Fort Bliss Commissary:  Will be open through Jan. 24, with operations re-evaluated afterward if furlough still in place. 

-  Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES):  There will be no impact to Exchange operations. AAFES operations will be business as usual. Note: The Main Exchange will close early Jan. 23, as regularly scheduled, to complete yearly inventory. 

-  Family, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation facilities:  All MWR/Facilities will be open; however, Army Community Service Programs will be minimally manned.  

-  Museum: Open to visitors.

-  Directorate of Human Resources:  The following facilities will operate under normal business hours:

    *  Army Continuing Education Services (ACES):  Bldg 2917

    *  Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP):  Bldg 21000

    *  Administrative Services Division (ASD): Bldg 2915 (ASD) and Bldg 1733 (Official mail and Distribution Center)

    *  Military Personnel Division (MPD):  Bldg 1 (MPD), Bldg 505 (Welcome Center), Bldg 1741 (ID Cards)

    *  Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program:  Bldgs 503, 725 and 504