Mike's Hiking for Heroes

Vet wants to call attention to deaths

Hiking for Mike

EL PASO, Texas - A young veteran who saw combat duty in Afghanistan, Mike Viti, who left the Army ten months ago, says he wants to continue serving his country.  That's why the West Point graduate founded a non-profit called Mike's Hiking For Heroes.  His plan is to hike 7,100 kilometers across the United States from DuPont, Washington, which is about 50 miles south of Seattle, to Annapolis, Maryland.  Each kilometer represents one of the men or women who lost their life in the past 13 years of war in the Middle East.  Along the way, Viti says he hopes to also bring awareness to all of those who lost their lives in the Global War on Terror.  In the story, we meet a family who visited Viti at a Fort Bliss park.  The Mills family lost their son, Staff Sgt. Joshua Mills.

If you'd like to donate or help Mike's Hiking for Heroes, go to the website:

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