Memorial services held for Pastor Rochelle Nieman

Pastor Rochelle Nieman memorial

El Paso, Texas - Memorial services for Pastor Rochelle Nieman were held Friday evening.

Members of the Abundant Living Faith Center showed up by the thousands to memorialize a woman they say touched the hearts of many.

Driving up to ALFC in the lower valley, it was evident that something of great importance was happening. Cars were lined up as far as a mile away from the church's parking lot.

All those people flocking in to honor the memory of Pastor Rochelle Nieman.

"As you can see this place is packed it has been packed since six this afternoon," said a church member.

Thousands came out to pay homage to the pastor that so many will miss.

Some members of the congregation couldn't even find a seat, but it didn't stop them from remembering the pastor from the outside looking in.

"It is testimony to the life of this great lady and to the great Nieman family she was vivacious, she was frisky, she was loving and she was so beautiful," said an AFLC pastor.

"I've known her for close to 30 years now," said another church member.

Church members close to Nieman tell ABC-7 she touched their lives in so many ways, even stepping into the role of a helpful mother.

"People loved her. She was awesome. She helped me raise my children," said a church member.

Members tell me Nieman's touch is in every part of the church she worked so hard to build with her husband, Pastor Charles Nieman.

A church tells ABC-7, "her hand is everywhere all over this building its everywhere."

"If you walk through this auditorium, this is Rochelle. She had her hand on every little thing here at the church, from picking the colors in the auditorium to the children's church," said another church member.

Nieman's daughter Shannon shared her mother's outlook on life for worshipers to take with them.

"One of her mantras was to do everything with excellence. She taught us all that excellence is not defined by size or money or class it doing the very best you can were you are with what you have," said Shannon.

There were more than 15,000 people at Friday's memorial.

Besides her husband, Nieman leaves behind two adult children.




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