Mayoral candidate profile: Jorge Artalejo

Artalejo is one of eight men vying to become El Paso's next mayor

EL PASO, Texas - Eight men are vying to become El Paso's next leader.

Jorge Artalejo is one of them.

Artalejo doesn't have the financial backing some of his competitors have. That hasn't scared him off the campaign trail. According to him, if effort is comparable to campaign spending his name will be spoke of often leading up to election day in El Paso.

"I have an overriding need to be at the core of what I perceive to be situations the public is inadequately addressed," said Artelejo.

On Friday, he attended an Arbor Day event at the Armijo Park. Artalejo said it was important because of the desert region El Paso lies in. Without shade, he said we can't enjoy the community we live in.

Artalejo believes that the environment is important, but often overlooked. He said the same can be said about the arts and entertainment projects in our community.

While Artalejo wasn't a household name when the election process began, he's known by those in politics. It's not unusual to see him offer up opinions during the public comment session of El Paso County Commissioners Court of City Council meetings.

Artalejo said his involvement stems from making sure everyone has a voice. He told ABC-7 that he has a big heart for politics.

"I do it so people feel they're being heard, someone is speaking to them," said Artalejo. "Someone is speaking about them. Somebody actually listens to them and speaks on their behalf."

Whether it pays dividends come election day, we'll have to wait and see.

Artalejo said he believes there are many qualified candidates to become El Paso's next mayor, but he points out that he has an education that supports the position. Artalejo has degrees from both San Francisco University and Georgetown.

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