Man who shot McDonald's fight video talks to ABC-7

EL PASO, Texas - For more than a week now, video of a brutal fight at a Northeast El Paso Mcdonald's has been making the rounds online.

On Wednesday, ABC-7 spoke with the man who recorded the video to find out what sparked the confrontation.

The video already has nearly 400,000 thousand views.

El Pasoan Nidal Baem said he watched in amazement as an argument spiraled out of control. He said the fight started between two men, but two women quickly got involved and as the camera turns, you spot another pair of women going at it.

What started it?

"I heard the 'N' word, the 'N' word," Baem said. "You know what it is."

Nidal says one group appeared to be coming from a quinceanera and the other group seemed to know the people they were fighting by name. Although the video is just a minute and 37 seconds, the brawl went on much longer.

"I would say maybe five to 10 minutes," Baem said. "That long."

And nobody appeared to call police.

"Nobody, nobody, nobody," he said. "And after that we left and the police is still not there. When we left it was five minutes after the fight and when we left the police was not there yet. That's what alcohol and midnight ... that's what you get out of it. You should be safe but I don't think she was safe at that time."

He said it wasn't the first time he's seen something like this.

"I used to work with Whataburger," Baem said. "I seen a lot of those ... a lot of them, a lot of em."

ABC-7 reached out to McDonald's officials both locally and nationally, but haven't heard back yet. El Paso police said they were called to that Dyer Street Mcdonald's for a fight involving 15 people during the early morning hours of Oct. 20. But when they arrived, everyone involved was already gone.

If you know anyone involved in the fight or wish to press charges, contact police at 832-4400.

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