Man Fatally Stabbed At Party, Sheriff's Search For Suspects

SAN ELIZARIO -- El Paso County Sheriff's Deputies are on the hunt for whoever stabbed a young man at a late night party.

Deputies responded to a house in the 1300 Block of Four-Wheel Drive a little after 1 a.m. Saturday. 

According to Sheriff deputies, a fight broke out between 20 to 30 people at a neighborhood bonfire party, that's when a 21-year old man was stabbed multiple times in the chest.

They say when they arrived on the scene they found the victim, who hasn't been identified, lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from the chest.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Thomason hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Officials say he bleed to death. 

The investigation is continuing an officials are asking anyone who attended the party or has any information on this homicide to contact the Sheriff's office at 546-2280.

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