Man behind Sandy Hook shooting spree: Adam Lanza, 20

Newton, Connecticut - Adam Lanza reportedly killed 6 adults but the worst of his killing spree fell on the most innocent; 20 children were shot dead their classrooms.

Fear, shock and sadness descended upon the small town of Newton,CT on Friday.

Just about anyone seeing the pictures and videos of the day has been left heartbroken.

Heartbroken by the sensless killings and the lives of 20 children cut short.

Police say he man behind the shooting spree was 20-year-old Adam Lanza.

"Chaos. Complete chaos," said Lt. Paul Vance, spokesman for the Connecticut State Police.

Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary and the alarms went off.

A 911 call revealed the severity of the situation.

"All units, the individual that I have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunshots."

Police swarmed in by the dozens, surrounded the area and entered the building, unsure of what they were about to see.

"(It was a)Horrific scene.(I've)never seen anything like this," said Vance.

The 20-year-old killer was believed to suffer from a personality disorder and lived with his mother, said a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but was not authorized to discuss it.

Lanza had a rifle in the car and walked in the school carrying two handguns.

He took his own life, bringing the death toll to 28, authorities said.

ABC-7 reporter Gerardo Najera and ABC news contributed to this report.


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