EL PASO, Texas -

The Texas Tribune is a media outlet that covers topics including public education, health care and immigration.

This weekend the Tribune is hosting a festival that brings together some of the biggest names in politics to talk about some of the states biggest issues.

One El Paso group is going to attend the festival and provide coverage of the three-day event but it won't be any local news stations it will be high school students.

Just outside the walls of Coronado High School is a class that at first glance might appear very unusual but just beyond the doors there's a flurry of brainstorming going on.

It is members of the We(fill in the blank) club. They describe themselves as:

"A sector of the population, specifically the youth, that have a passion for politics and being politically involved," said member Isabella Canava.

The students are all coming up with ideas on how to cover the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin.

"It is essentially a big coming together of several panels, several discussions from a wide range of topics both political, social, economic and educational," Canava said.

The students who have set up political debates in the past got to meet Evan Smith, the CEO of the Texas Tribune at a previous event.

"He was very interested in what our organization had to say and what our organization was about and he really wanted our organization to have a place at the discussion," Canava said.

At the festival the students will interview local and state leaders then take to their phones and keyboards and post it all on social media.

"We are going to be posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and you can also visit our website," said member Ishank Arora.

The organization says they want to tackle political apathy or the lack interest in politics.

"When an individual reaches the age of 18 they don't automatically gain all the knowledge necessary to make political decisions and to actively participate and vote. We believe there's a process that needs to begin earlier so that way when you're 18 you already know your own political stances and you're already thinking politically," Canava said.

You can follow WE(fill in the blank) at wefillintheblank.org
or on Facebook @wefillintheblank.