List of candidates seeking reelection

Seeking re-election

EL PASO, Texas - District Clerk Norma Favela announced Saturday morning she'll be seeking reelection.

Favela beat out Gilbert Sanchez in 2010 with 75 percent of the vote. Favela worked at the county courthouse in the 1980's, and eventually moved to the county tax collectors office. A district clerk's term is four years long.

Congressman Beto O'Rourke also announced  that he'll be running for re-election. Before making the announcement the congressman held a town hall meeting. 

Other candidates running include:

State Representatives:

- Mary Gonzalez, District 75

- Naomi Gonzalez, District 76

- Joe Moody, District 78

- Joe Pickett, District 79

District Court:

- Michele Little Locke, District Court 168

- Linda Chew, District Court 327

County Courts:

- Ricardo Herrera, Court 1

- Javier Alvarez, Court 3

- Carlos Villa, Court 5

- Tom Spieczny, Court 7

- Robert Anchondo, Criminal Court 2

- Pat Chew, Probate Court 1

- Veronica Escobar, County Judge

- Sergio Lewis, County Commissioner 2

- Melodya Salaices, County Commissioner 4

- Rosa Cervantez, County Clerk

- Delia Briones, County Clerk

- Valerie Sanchez, County Clerk

Justice of the Peace:

- Brian Haggerty, District 2

- Barbara Perez, District 4

- Monica Teran, District 5

- Reed Leverton, District 7

- Joseph Glen "Butch" Maya, County Democratic Chairman

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