Lincoln Center could be in danger yet again

Could the Lincoln Center be in danger of demolition once again? According to a new plan from TxDOT, it could be.

Advocates for the center and even the City of El Paso have made commitments to save the historic building, but that could all be in jeopardy based on a plan still in development for connecting I-10 and Loop 375.

In a meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Organization Friday, TxDOT's Robert Bielek said there was a possiblity that the center might have to be impacted or even destroyed to make way for the new connection.
The community center has been on the chopping block multiple times over the past few years. But recently commitments were made from several groups including City Council to move forward with returning the center to usefullness.

State senator Jose Rodriguez, who sits on the MPO board said he was surprised and concerned that the center might once again be in danger.

"We out to have the ability to look at all the alternative plans and ensure we can select one that meets the transportation needs of the area, but at the same time respects the wishes of some of us to allow the Lincoln Center to continue operations."

When asked for comment, a TxDot spokesperson said the new plans may be necessary to ensure safety for the connecting road.

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