LCPD: Grand jury hearing may have led to murder-suicide

LCPD: Grand jury hearing may have led to murder-suicide

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Las Cruces police say a murder-suicide that happened on Wednesday may be connected to a grand jury hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Police said Richard McIntyre, 70, shot his sister-in-law Lisa Cash, 59, and then shot himself.

"He was under investigation this summer for an apparent domestic violence incident involving a relative," said Dan Trujillo, spokesman for the Las Cruces Police Department.

According to a police report filed on May 13, police heard allegations from Cash and others. Cash told police McIntyre had physically and emotionally abused the victim.

A grand jury hearing against McIntyre was scheduled for allegations of abuse and sexual assault against one of Cash's relatives.

"McIntyre appeared to be very upset that (Cash) potentially could be testifying or presenting evidence in a grand jury hearing," said Trujillo.

Police believe that's why he kidnapped Cash at gunpoint and forced her to drive him. 

Witnesses told police around 7 p.m. they saw McIntyre pacing back and forth in front of Cash's house. Witnesses said that Cash got into her silver Toyota Tacoma, left the residence and apparently stopped to talk with McIntyre. Detectives believe that's when McIntyre abducted Cash at gunpoint and forced her to drive. 

The two ended up on the 2200 block of Bellamah Drive where they apparently argued before McIntyre used a .38 caliber revolver to shoot Cash at least once in the head while she sat behind the wheel of the Tacoma. It appears that McIntyre then got out of the pickup and fired one shot into his head.

Area residents heard the gunshots and called 911. Cash and McIntyre were transported to a local hospital where they both were pronounced dead Wednesday evening.

Police said McIntyre's case was given to the District Attorney's Office. Police said the DA's office recommended the case go straight to a grand jury hearing rather than arresting McIntyre.

A spokeswoman for the DA's office would not comment. She said they are looking into everything that led up to the shooting.

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