Last day at Commissioners Court for 2 commissioners

EL PASO, Texas - Today marks the last day El Paso county commissioners Tania Chozet and Anna Perez take part in Monday's weekly Commissioners Court.
Perez did not fun for re-election for her County Commissioners seat. Instead, she ran for, and won, a state district judgeship.
In a tearful opening to Monday's meeting, Perez assured everyone that she'd refrain from crying as a judge.  

"For my daughter, I hope I leave her a better place," said Perez.
Dan Haggerty who has fought against both commissioners publicly, said he truly believed they were exceptional commissioners to work with.  Interrupted by Perez's young daughter toddling up to the dais with a balloon and flowers he laughed saying, "always someone stealing the show."

Chozet, who took her position after Willie Gandara Jr. was arrested and resigned, admitted she was skeptical when she took the position.  She said the job was responsible for the best year of her life.
"This experience was everything I never thought it would be," said Chozet.
Chozet took her position expecting to serve for one year without running again.  In doing so, she had to step down from her previous work as an attorney.  She said she did so because she grew up in a working class family in Ysleta, and never felt they got the representation they deserved.

Both Commissioners were presented with caricatures of themselves as a packed courtroom cheered for them.
County Judge Veronica Escobar joked that she wanted to call an additional emergency meeting to get one more meeting out of the two Commissioners before the meeting continued with the items of the day.

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