Las Cruces: National Guard troops return home

El Paso, Texas - Family's in Las Cruces received a special gift before Christmas this year.

Members of the New Mexico National Guard came home from their international peace keeping mission.

The National Guard troops saw a lot of turmoil in the Middle East.

Their stay in Egypt during uprisings and civil unrest kept them busy and now it's time for them to be home enjoy their family's.

"There was some time when there was tension," said National Guard member Angelo Bustillos.

New Mexico National guard troops have been in the middle east for more than nine months. They witnessed major turmoil in Egypt.

There jobs required running checkpoints, reconnaissance and observation posts along international boundaries in the area, but the troops say it wasn't the hardest part of their job.

"The hardest part of being away is just missing my family they don't really train you for that -- they train us for all sorts of stuff but being away from your home is never easy," said Sgt. Charlie Estrada.

Although they left their family's back home they feel they did their job while serving their country.

"Overall it was peaceful and a success," said Bustillos.

They were greeted by New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez who reassured the troops they would have all the support they needed in New Mexico.

For the troops being home for the holidays it was greatest gift they could receive.

"Very happy to be home for the holidays being able to spend Christmas with my wife and daughter," said Estrada.

 Troops say thinking of being back home with their family's was what kept them pushing to finish the job and finish the job well.

"I think it was probably what we were all looking forward to the most, so it means a lot to be home for the holidays with our families," said Bustillos.

Martinez also assured the New Mexico National Guard troops that New Mexico would have jobs for them once they got settled in.

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