Las Cruces Child Crisis Center suspends services, in danger of closing permanently

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - The Child Crisis Center in Las Cruces, which has been open for more than two years, is suspending services temporarily so that they can reevaluate the service they are providing amid concerns they are not meeting goals and objectives according to their mission statement.

Operating the center does come at a high cost and the number of children that are provided services is low. The center is servicing a third of the number of clients it is designed to in order to operate effectively.

The center is in danger of closing permanently if the need is not met and if it is at too high of a cost. Donna Richmond, executive director of La Pinion Rape Crisis Center which is the fiscal manager overseeing the centers operation, says all options are being explored.

The center has laid off almost the entire staff of 15 part-time and full-time employees. These are the staff members who care for the children 24-7.

Richmond said in order for the center to provide services to the children, a budget of $500,000 annually is needed.  The center has cared for as many as 12 children at one time lasting for a week.  Richmond saidwhen there have also been periods of up to three weeks when they have no children at all.

Richmond adds that another major problem is getting children to the center.   

Richmond says she is working with the community and other service providers to reach a resolution in the most effective way to keep the crisis center open.

She says she has reached out to Families and Youth Incorporated, La Casa Domestic Violence Shelter and the District Attorney's office to provide input.

The board of directors of La Pinion Rape Crisis Center is open to suggestions from the community as to how to keep the center open.  They are looking for ways to stay alive.

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