Las Cruces bowling alley massacre unresolved after 23 years

El PASO, Texas - On Feb, 10, 1990, two gunmen entered the Las Cruces Bowl and killed three children and a father.

The shooters also critically injured three others. According to the Las Cruces Police Deparment, the victims were shot execution-style.

Friends and family of those killed told ABC-7 they find it hard to heal old wounds.

Melissa Repass was only 12-years-old at the time she called 911 during the shooting . In fear and with desperation, Repass pleaded for help.

"Please come before they come down, they shot me 5 times," she said in her call.

"Okay we'll get them rolling Melissa, just hang on take a deep breath. The control unit is on route. How many people are hurt?" asked the 911 dispatcher.

This is from a 911 call placed on the morning of the shooting.

"Please hurry,ok?" Repass said.

Audio from the 911 call tells Repass was hoping she could escape with her life and aid the critically injured.

"Oh I've got bullets in my head," Repass said.

She survived the incident, along with her mother, Stephanie Senac, and the bowling alley's cook, Ida holguin.

"That's when that guy must came around and put the gun on my side and I looked at him and then I saw the gun. Then he grabbed me by the arm and he said, 'This is a hold-up come with me,'" said Holguin in a recent interview with ABC-7.

But not everyone survived. When Las Cruces police officers got to the gruesome scene, they found 26-year-old Steven Teran and his daughter, 6-year-old Paula, dead. Teran's youngest daughter Valerie, 2-years-old, was clinging to life but died a short while later at the hospital.

Amy Houser, 13, was also killed.

"In some people's minds the case has been closed. It's something in history, but to me and my family, many of the community members, this is something that lives in us every day," said Steve Teran's younger brother, Anthony.

It's been 23 years but Anthony Teran says the anniversary is still painful.

"We'll never get closure. We're seeking justice," he said.

He told ABC-7 since there isn't a cold case department within the Las Cruces Police Department, it's difficult for investigators to stay a step ahead.

"Every time a new detective takes this, there's a garage full of evidence that they need to catch up on," said Anthony Teran. "There's nothing really new as far as people there after but theories and other scenarios are being looked after."

"I would like it solved and I still have hope that were going to get good news this year. I'm hoping for that," said Holgiun.

The two gunmen made off with $5,000 and then tried to burn down the bowling alley.

Positive identification was never made on the men. Las Cruces Police urge anyone has any who has information to give them a call at 575-528-4200.

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