The Clovis Police Department released video of an officer being shot by a fugitive  Aug. 29.

From the officer's lapel pin camera, you can see the officer approach a bicyclist for a minor traffic. He learns the man, Anthony Baca, has an outstanding felony arrest warrant. That's when he asks him to turn around so he can handcuff him. But Baca tries to ride away before the officer knocks him down. There's  a chaotic chase past cars and houses.

You can hear the officer yell, "stop!" before he deploys his Taser. But Baca keeps running, seemingly unaffected. You then suddenly hear a shot and the officer falls to the ground yelling, "shots fired!"

The police department said the officer was shot in the thigh, but is OK.

In a statement posted on the department's Facebook page, from Clovis Police Captain Roman Romero said, "If you watch the video and it affects you emotionally it should. These officers are your neighbors, your friends and in some cases the people you went to school with ... the outpouring support for Officer Caron and the continuing support our community has for their members of law enforcement is amazing."

Baca was arrested two days later, on Aug. 31. He was charged with assault with intent to commit a violent felony on a peace officer. Baca was wanted for several charges, including failure to appear; district court violation of conditions of release; and district court failure to appear for pre-trial.