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Mayor Leeser: AG Sessions said trip to El Paso was important, 'eye-opening'

Mayor speaks with Attorney General

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser says the city invited U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to El Paso.

Leeser said he stressed the importance of trade between Mexico and the United States to the Borderland community during Thursday's high-profile meeting with Sessions. The mayor called the meeting "positive." 

The mayor said El Paso needs to continue to build on its relationship with Northern Mexico and should not allow the uncertainty coming out of Washington, D.C., to affect that relationship. 

"I want people to understand how we live and I want them to understand the people of El Paso," Leeser said,"That's one of the things I wanted them to understand: We consider Juarez to be our neighbor and our friend."

Leeser said he will meet with the mayor of Juarez soon to let him know the federal officials now "understand our relationship."

"Washington makes decisions that impact El Paso and border cities, and I wanted to make sure they understand El Paso," Lesser said. "(Sessions) was willing to listen. He said the trip was very important to him and eye-opening."

The mayor said the conversation was geared towards developing ideas to grow relationships and not hurt the growth of the community. "I will support continuing two relationships and continuing to build El Paso and Jaurez," Leeser said. 

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