July 2014 story: 6 Fort Bliss Soldiers Hurt During Training Exercise

EL PASO - Texas - Six Fort Bliss soldiers are in the hospital after a training accident, according to officials on post.

EMS crews took four of the soldiers to the hospital in ambulances. Two others were airlifted.

Fort Bliss officials say all six soldiers sustained non-life threatening injuries and are expected to survive.

Officials said the accident happened shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday in Fort Bliss' training area.  The soldiers were traveling in a M1070 Heavy Equipment Transport System (HET), a military vehicle used to haul heavy equipment.

We are told it was part of a military logistical convoy about 5 miles north of Fort Bliss' cantonment area. 

A military investigation is on-going to determine the cause and factors contributing to the accident.

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