Judge sides with city of El Paso, says process to demolish of City Hall was legal

District Judge Tim Sulak on Wednesday sided with the city of El Paso, ruling that the process to demolish city hall and move forward with the ballpark project was legal.

"It is my judgment, based on the evidence, the authorities and the arguments that the authority to issue and the actions taken to secure or obtain, the public securities are legal and valid," Sulak said at Wednesday's declaratory judgment hearing.

Sulak said those opposing the demolition of City Hall didn't show enough of a case.

Wednesday's ruling also allows the city of El Paso to sell bonds to fund the project.

"I have ruled authority to issue these bonds, and the legality of these bonds are upheld," Sulak said.

But not everyone walked out a loser. Sulak did not make any decision about whether voters had a right to start another petition. Sulak also would not render judgement on how City Council should proceed with May election.

The decision can be appealed, but the Judge set a surety bond of $1 million.That means if they appeal within 30 days, the opposition of the city needs to put that money up.

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