Juarez residents await announcement of official mayor

Enrique Serrano (PRI) leads with more than 50% of vote

EL PASO, Texas - This weekend, residents of Juarez went to the polls to elect a new mayor.

Preliminary numbers show a clear winner with more than fifty-percent of the vote, but one candidate is not ready to concede.

Enrique Serrano (PRI) leads with 53% of the vote.

The race came down to the two major parties in Mexico, the conservative PAN (National Action Party) and the PRI (The Institutional Revolutionary Party), which has shifted to the middle in recent years.

Maria Antonieta Perez (PAN) has 39% of the vote.

According to El Diario de Juarez, Perez held a news conference a midnight, but not to concede.

Instead she said her campaign will go over the results and announce a decision Monday.

Perez said she believed there were "irregularities" at the polls.

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