CD. JUAREZ, Mexico -

In Ciudad Juarez, Juan Gabriel’s adopted home town people have been gathering to remember the superstar. Even in the city he so often sang about, some fans still struggling to accept what has happened.

“I don’t want to believe it, to accept that it’s real,” said one mourning fan, talking through her tears.

People crowded around Juan Gabriel’s giant mural in downtown Juarez, mourning the city’s favorite adopted son, flowers and letters peppered around the plaque honoring the singer.

“It’s a huge loss for the city, for the country,” said another fan next to the mural.

Juarenses still remember what it was like to see JuanGa in his early days at the Noa Noa.

“He gave off happiness, he gave off love, and he was pure joy to be around,” said a crying fan, roses in her hand as she stood next to his plaque.

In front of the parking lot that was once the Noa Noa club fans had laid out lit candles and flowers. The Sunday evening rain extinguished most of the candles, but the mourners were still there.

“His humanity, his charisma, every single word in his songs made him Juan Gabriel,” said a fan.

Juarenses continue to crowd around his mural, remembering and honoring El Divo de Juarez
Reporting from Cd. Juarez, Julio-Cesar Chavez, ABC-7

People are being invited to lay flowers and candles in front of Juan Gabriel’s house on the 16th of September street.