'It's All Good El Paso' campaign used to defend El Paso, expose businesses

It's All Good El Paso Campaign

EL PASO, Texas - The "It's All Good El Paso" campaign is gaining steam as local residents use the popular slogan to defend the City against critics and local businesses use it for potential exposure.

The #ItsAllGoodEp slogan has become a popular addition to posts on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When followed by a hashtag, the slogan is clickable, allowing users to view all the posts with the same hashtag and phrase on any social media site.  That translates to more views for businesses that include the hashtag in their posts. Several local bars and restaurants regularly use the slogan when posting about new promotions.

"It's really centralized this idea of the growth El Paso is going for and it's a way to bring it all together on the internet," said Eddie Cepeda, the Creative Director for Sense Creative Media, a local company that develops marketing strategies on social media for businesses and strengthens their presence online.

Cepeda manages the social media for several local businesses including Mama Fu's and Palomino restaurants.  His company monitors key words in specific zip codes or age groups and develops strategies to bring customers to his clients.

"People are very tired of being marketed to in an obvious way. They don't want to be told - go eat this - go have that. What I try to do is have an actual conversation with. You want people to be engaged with your brand, not just people reading a tweet and saying 'whatever' - you want them to engage and partake in what's happening and It's All Good EP is kind of the glue that holds all that together."

El Pasoans are also using the slogan to promote El Paso, sometimes against harsh criticism. Dozens of Sun City supporters used the hashtag on Facebook last week to defend El Paso against critics when Texas Monthly posted El Paso had been top rated as a place to raise children.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau and local marketing firm Mithoff Burton developed the "It's All Good" campaign in May with the help of a taskforce made up of local residents in media or Communication industries.

The campaign also consists of more than 1,600 'ambassadors' who include the slogan on their social media posts, sometimes competing to win monthly prizes, like tickets to an event. Cepeda is not one of them.

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