Iron Focus military exercise prepares soldiers with realistic conditions, scenarios

EL PASO, Texas - For the past two weeks, soldiers have been training in war-like situations.
The exercise is called Iron Focus and 4,200 soldiers and airmen have been participating in the 1st Armored Division's largest annual exercise.

It prepares the soldiers for deployment to the National Training Center in California and maintains unit readiness.

"The best things they are going to take away from this exercise is confidence in themselves their equipment and their leaders," Army Lt. Col. Tommy Cardone.
The exercise began July 11 and will end Aug. 1.

During this time the soldiers have trained against realistic role-players and vehicles modified to look like enemy forces.

And injuries can happen. Six Fort Bliss soldiers suffered non-life-threatening injuries during Iron Focus on July 24.
After completing this exercise and the one in California, 1st Armored Division will be 50 percent of the nation's immediate ready and available armored capability.

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