Insights is back; EPISD approves vacant school for new home

The school has been vacant since 2005.

Insights to move to Alamo Elementary School

Insights is back! But it has a new home.

The El Paso Indpendent School Board of Managers approved the childrens museum to move to vacant school Alamo Elementary on 500 South Hills in Segundo Barrio.

Its been vacant since 2005. And according to residents, an eyesore attracting vandalism. But now its bringing life and education to south central El Paso.

The school went vacant while the housing authority built new apartments in the area.  And Insights became homeless this march to make room for the new baseball stadium.

In a unanimous decision EPISD board voted to give Alamo's building to Insights. They'll cover the costs to refurbish it. In return Insights will allow every EPISD student free entrance. Insights signed a five year lease with the option of renewing for an additional five years.

Insights President Nate Robinson says he plans on making Alamo his permanent home.

"Overall its about the community its about the region," Robinson said. "And so people talk about the revitalization of downtown for instance which is terrific. But its really time we revitalize the education services we offer children. Name another town with over 500,000 people that doesn't have a science center. You know we're too big, we're too important to not have a science center and that's what it comes down to."

One downside Robinson mentioned was parking. But overall he says its a win for Insights, EPISD and the community. The museum is expected to open next spring. 

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