Indoor go-kart track opening on East Side

New thrills coming to El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - It's a first-of-its-kind for the Borderland!

A state-of-the-art indoor go-kart track is scheduled to open soon out in East El Paso. Zero to 60 Motor Speedway will be located in the Kessler Industrial Park at 8600 Gateway Boulevard East, across Interstate 10 from Tinseltown Theater and the Las Palmas Marketplace.

"The kart technology is the latest out of belgium and europe," said El Paso businessman Joe Acosta, who is leading the effort to bring a 30,000 square foot indoor electric go-kart track to El Paso. "They're the RTX, 100-percent electric. They have phenomenal torque. The top speed is about 50 miles per hour The big cities have it in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, California, Phoenix. So we're very fortunate we've been able to put it all together."

Acosta says these aren't the old Putt-Putt style go-karts. It's a real racing atmosphere, complete with all the luxury of big time indoor tracks located in bigger cities.

"In our atmosphere, it's going to be a little more of a Dave and Busters feel," he said. "It's a demographic targeting pre-teens to adults. We're going to have a grill here, a bar serving beer and wine and pool tables."

Acosta said the million dollar venture is all local, supported by three local physicians. The original opening date was next month. However, having to rezone from industrial to commercial, the new opening date is now mid-September.

"This is 100 percent local and it's supported by a lot of local individuals," Acosta said. "We're getting a huge response, a positive response."

City Rep. Lily Limon represents the area where the new track is being built.

"It will be a fantastic plus for District 7," Limon said. "Totally different. It's the only one in El Paso. They are bringing in their designs and I got a chance to meet the designer. It's going to be a fabulous place."

"They're serious karts," Acosta added. "You've got to wear a helmet. If you like to go fast, this is a place where you're going to feel the speed of the kart."

It'll cost about $20 per race per driver.

Kalvin Kessler, the landlord at the Kessler Industrial Park, said the building has been vacant for more than 18 months and he was glad to finally rent it out.

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