Indie band Beach House release short film shot in and near El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - Popular indie band Beach House have released the short film "Forever Still" today, featuring four songs from their critically acclaimed album, "Bloom."

"Bloom" was recorded in 2011 at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas.

"Before releasing 'Bloom,' we decided that we would only participate in 'promotional' activities that we could control artistically and give substantial energy," Beach House said in a statement about "Forever Still." "We had previously been involved in too many live sessions, radio tapings, photo shoots, etc., where the outcome was far below our personal artistic standards. We also felt a need to distance ourselves from the 'content' culture of the internet that rewards quantity over quality and shock over nuance. The concept for 'Forever Still' was about a year old when Pitchfork came to us about supporting a project that we really cared about."

"'Forever Still' is directly inspired by Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii," the band said in its statement. "We wanted to perform in a non-typical setting without losing the spirit of our music. We felt the songs would resonate in a more majestic and spiritual landscape. The experience was an intense three nights of filming. Everyone involved in production and crew was benevolent in their time and talented in their efforts. We were very lucky to have the help and hard work of many people who aided and lent their abilities to our vision."

"The basic concept is four songs performed from sunset to sunrise. We tried to keep the edits minimal with long takes in order to focus on the energy of the songs, the landscape, and the physicality of live performance. The entire film was shot in or around Tornillo, Texas, where we recorded Bloom," Beach House said in its statement. "Like 'Bloom,' we hope that 'Forever Still' is experienced as a whole, long form."

Watch the short film, featuring the songs "Wild," "The Hours," "Wishes," and "Irene" here and photos from the shoot here.

The band will have a busy 2013 that will include continuing their world tour. They will perform at El Paso's Tricky Falls on April 8 and at the Crowley Theater in Marfa, Texas on April 21.

The Marfa show sold out online in less than an hour on Dec. 14. Some standing-room-only tickets will be sold on the day of the show.

Tickets for the El Paso show went on sale on Dec. 15 and are available at Eloise, Bowie Feathers, Marias Closet, All That Music,, Tickets are $20 in advance. You can buy them now at Eloise, Bowie Feathers and Maria's closet cash only with no service fees. ** Meaning $20 even not tax, fees nothing on top.

Tickets are $20 plus service fees at All That Music and online at

The closest Beach House has come to playing a full, live concert in the area was when they played in Albuquerque last summer and Tucson in late September. View photos from the Tucson concert here.

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