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Illegal immigration on the rise, study suggests

After dropping during the recession, the number of immigrants crossing the border illegally into the U.S. appears to be on the rise again.

Courtesy Bishop Mark J. Seitz

El Paso and Las Cruces bishops among Catholic leaders touring Mexico border in Ariz.

Roman Catholic leaders made a rare visit to the border and celebrated Mass on Tuesday in the shadow of the fence separating the U.S. and Mexico, offering Holy Communion through the steel barrier to…

Supreme Court

Erika Dimmler/CNN

Supreme Court: Children over 21 go to back of visa line

A divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that immigrant children who waited for years with their parents to obtain visas still have to go to the back of the line when they turn 21.
In a 5-4 decision,…

Immigrant fleeing Honduras talks to ABC-7

Immigrant fleeing Honduras talks to ABC-7

A 22-year-old woman made the 1,700 mile trip to the U.S. and tells ABC-7 why.

U.S. House of Represenatives

El Paso Bishop Seitz testifies before Congressional committee on plight of unaccompanied immigrant children

The surge of undocumented child immigrants into the United States seems to have every national leader talking.

Today, El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz had his word heard during a Congressional committee…


Volunteers provide care, shelter to incoming immigrants

The child whose dull eyes came alive when a shelter volunteer handed her a floppy-eared, pink bunny doll does not know she and her mother, who crossed the border with her, are in the middle of a…


Texas Tribune Interactive: Federal children's shelters in Texas

Texas Tribune Interactive: Federal children's shelters in Texas

ABC s This Week Crisis at the border

ABC's This Week: Crisis at the border

Martha Raddatz fills in for George Stephanopoulos. Raddatz hosts a discussion on the recent crisis at the border. Bishop Mark Seitz from the Catholic diocese of El Paso joined the discussion with…


2 cases of active tuberculosis found in Central American immigrants brought to El Paso for processing

Two Central American immigrants brought to El Paso for processing have active tuberculosis, the National Border Patrol Council Local 1929 told ABC-7 Monday.

"We're concerned for our agents and they're…


Dallas County judge expects debate on immigrants

The Dallas County judge expects strong opposition against a county plan to house and care for 2,000 children who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border alone.
Clay Jenkins on Friday told The Dallas…

Gov. Susana Martinez, (R) New Mexico

NM Gov. Martinez faults Obama, Congress on immigrant surge

Gov. Susana Martinez is blaming President Barack Obama and Congress for the surge in Central American immigrants attempting to enter the country illegally.

New details on immigrants in El Paso

New details on immigrants and shelters in the Borderland

     ABC 7 is trying to learn more about the efforts to help the Central American immigrants being brought to the Borderland. The people providing shelter and services to them locally say they are…


2,000 undocumented immigrants sent from South Texas to El Paso since June; all have since left El Paso

Two thousand undocumented immigrants – all of them families – have been sent to El Paso from South Texas for processing since June 7.

Homeland Security Committee hearing on immigration crisis

Possible compromise emerges on border request

Outlines of a possible compromise that would more quickly deport minors arriving from Central America emerged Thursday as part of President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency request to address…

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