Immigrant fleeing Honduras talks to ABC-7

EL PASO, Texas - More than 250 undocumented immigrants have been sent to El Paso after shelters across the Rio Grande Valley saw a overflow of immigrants from Central America.

Tuesday afternoon, the director of the Annunciation House told ABC-7 more are on their way.

ABC-7 is asking: Why are so many immigrants from Central America coming to the U.S.?

ABC-7 spoke with a 22 year-old Honduran woman who came to the U.S. with her daughter.

"Clearly more on the way," said Annunciation House Director Ruben Garcia.

Garcia says El Paso will soon be seeing more undocumented immigrants from Central America.

This after a surge of illegal border crossers has filled shelters throughout the Rio Grande Valley area.

But why now?

"I'm from Honduras," said Joselyn Idias.

Idias is 22 and made the more than 1,700-mile journey with her 5-year-old daughter.

Idias said she fled Honduras for several reasons.

"The violence," said Idias.

Idias says drug lords and corruption run her country and everyday people pay the price.

"There's what they call the war tax," said Idias.

Idias says many are made to pay what they call a war tax, a payoff to narco terrorists for safety.

Another reason she fled, education.

Idias told ABC-7 sometimes the teachers don't get paid and they leave.

A recent article in the Washington Times quotes a Border Patrol Union President, saying many agents ask immigrants why they are making the trip and the answer they get often is that there is rumors of an impending amnesty.

But Idias says her decision to leave Honduras was never because of Obama policy but because of her daughter and giving her a better future.

Idias told ABC-7 she loves her country, and that coming here was only out of necessity.

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