Identity of DEA shooting victim revealed

The man is 25-year-old Mark Eriksen

DEA shooting

EL PASO, Texas - A man was shot by Drug Enforcement Agency officers Friday. The man is 25-year-old Mark Eriksen. He's still in the intensive care unit of the hospital as of Saturday afternoon. His attorney said he's still unconscious.

Ericksen is in critical condition and scheduled to undergo a second surgery on Sunday.

El Paso defense Attorney Gary Hill called ABC-7 to say he is representing Eriksen. Hill said Eriksen's mother drove in from Los Angeles and is visiting her son at a local hospital.

Hill is questioning why DEA agents shot his client when the alleged drug transaction only involved a small amount of coke.

On Friday a DEA spokesman told ABC7 Eriksen tried to run agents over with his car and the agents, fearing for their lives, fired back in self-defense.

Hill stated the FBI has reportedly seized all video of the shooting incident from surveillance. The well-known defense lawyer said he's skeptical of how authorities have handled the shooting and the aftermath.

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