Hundreds of Borderland residents filing insurance claims after hail and wind storms

Many filing insurance claims after hail and wind storms

EL PASO, Texas - Some El Pasoans are dealing with the aftermath of recent hail and windstorms.

ABC-7 spoke with insurance agents today, and we're passing along tips on how to handle your claims.

A State Farm insurance agent tells ABC-7 more than 200 claims were filed in El Paso after last week's storms.

Insurance agents also have a warning to pass along: Beware of fly-by-night contractors looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

"We are in a elevated status because these wind and hail storms we had were considered severe weather," said insurance agent Rafael Martinez.

Saturday's strong winds not only uprooted trees and cracked utility poles, they damaged homes.

Homeowners are dealing with the aftermath.

"We've seen hail damage and a little bit of wind damage" said Martinez.

Martinez said homeowners need to remember the three R's. Report, repair and record.
Immediately report damage.
Safely repair any damage to the home so it won't get worse. Also take pictures and save receipts.

You should be able to get reimbursed for those materials.
Also, be wary of roofers knocking on your door after a storm.

"There are instances that we've seen fly-by-night roofers come into town," said Martinez.

"Make sure that they are licensed and bonded before these storms occurred," Martinez continued.

Roofing company owner Norma Madrid says you can take it a step further.

"Somebody that has an A or an A plus in the Better Business Bureau," said Madrid.

"Referrals are always good," Madrid continued.

Madrid says homeowners should take the time to informed.

There's plenty of information on roofing companies online.

"The roofer that can provide a city permit is the most trustworthy because you know that they are regulated by the city, that they have all their documents in order," said Madrid.

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