Hundreds flock to El Paso Psychic fair

Hundreds flock to El Paso Psychic fair

El Paso, Texas - With the start of a new year people might be looking for some insight as to what the year has in store for them.

Over the weekend, organizors held the El Paso Psychic Fair and hundreds came looking for spiritual guidance.

"It's a time when people do want to seek a psychic, seek someone for counseling or to see what's going on because they want to know what the year holds for them if its going to be a better year," said Diana Calamia, who's been a psychic medium for 27 years.

"Its like being a psychic counselor," said Calamia.

Calamia says people usually seek her advice when there is a goal they would like to achieve.

"People really want know where their going how they got where their, how can I better my self," says Calamia.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a predictor of what's to come in someone's life.

"Don't be afraid of it, a lot of people want to think of it as something very fearful, its of the devil," said Calamia.

Lady D as she's known, says tarot cards started as pages from holy scriptures and were used when religious persecutions began. The cards were kept small to avoid detection.

But it's not all tarot cards and palm readings. Wayne Darling has been taking pictures of auras for more than two decades.

"It picks up your energy vibrations and then it shoots it to the camera and the camera catches the aura around you," said Darling.

Darling tells ABC-7 the picture is worth a thousand words.

"Each and every color has a separate meaning," said Darling.

Darling says it's more about the intrigue for a lot of his customers.

"When they walk away they are very content, there happy because it's a lot of curiosity for them to see what is in there aura," said Darling.

Although it may seem odd and even blasphemous, the director of the El Paso Psychic Fair says for people looking for the spiritual guidance, "Well they get to talk about their problems or their troubles to people that they don't know , because they can't talk to their family, so its like cheap therapy."



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