How volunteer-run Argus Radio broadcast Ferguson protests live to the world

On Wednesday night, about half a million people watched online as a militarized police force in in Ferguson, Missouri, squared off with largely peaceful crowds protesting the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

"We've just been told by the St. Louis Police Department to turn off our cameras," said the voice on KARG Argus Radio's livestream broadcast. "We will not be turning off our cameras. We will continue to broadcast, even if it is at our own peril."

That voice belonged to Mustafa Hussein, a constitutional law student who volunteers at the small, urban music station based in nearby Maplewood.

Hussein told The Huffington Post that Argus Radio, which launched online a year ago and is run by five volunteers, recently purchased video equipment so it could livestream concerts. But the station decided to use the equipment for the first time Wednesday to cover the interaction between police and protesters, which it was worried local affiliates would not continue to cover through the night.

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