How quality of life bond could affect senior centers

How quality of life bond will help senior citizen centers

EL PASO, Texas - It's lunchtime at an Eastside senior center and it's bustling with activity.

Friendships are knitted together, even if it's just playing bingo or a game of cards.

"This is Carmen, Chris, Jorge," said Manuel during lunchtime as he introduced his buddies."We all get together and have a good time. You know, that's kinda nice, to meet people and talk to them."

In addition to having a meal Manuel also takes classes at the senior center. One of them used to be a music class.

But with limited space the music classes have been reduced.

Apart from the main room being the lunch and bingo room, it is also the aerobics room. And just a few minutes after lunch all of the tables and chairs will be cleared out for exercise.

Manuel said he wishes there was more space so the senior center could offer more activities at the same time.

"The classes what attracts so many people and we don't have rooms for all of these classes," Manuel said.

If the $473 million quality of life bond passes, $58 million would be used to expand three senior centers, build three new recreation centers - two with libraries - and improve and remodel other recreation centers around the city.

For Manuel the expansion could mean more memories to make.

"Now it's one of the best parts of my life," Manuel said.

The quality of life bond initiatives will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

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