Hours after man sentenced to 16 years in fatal drunk driving case victims' families hold memorial

EL PASO, Texas - Kim and Ida Araujo were the closest of sisters.

Now Ida is all alone.

In December, Miguel Vargas, with Kim and two others as passengers, drove drunk on Mesa and crashed his car, killing Kim and Idaly Reyes. On Tuesday Vargas was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted of two counts of intoxicated manslaughter.

"I'm not going to say it was a victory because it's not. I can tell you, even now, it has brought some peace and comfort but not a victory. And we're not happy about it either. ... No, no it's always going to be there," Ida said Tuesday night when asked if she has forgiven Vargas. "I don't hold anything against him anymore now that I had eye-to-eye contact with him. But I don't think I'll ever forgive him. It was only two sisters and he left me all alone."

Ida said the past two weeks have been difficult for both families and interaction with Vargas' family made it even tougher.

"Vargas' family has been posting a lot that at a lot, that at least they still have their son alive,  that they're still going to get to hug him no matter how many years he spends in jail," Ida said. "And you know what, it's true. Maybe it's true. But they're not going to be able to hug his guilt."

Ida said she spoke directly to Vargas, looking him in the eye, before Judge Bill Hicks made his ruling on Tuesday.

Vargas has been given credit for the time he has already served.

Vargas had eight beers and six drinks before getting into the car and racing down Mesa.

Two other passengers were in the car, Nefi Armendariz and Stacy Reyes, survived but were injured.

Dolores Reyes, the prosecuting attorney, said she hopes this case sends a message.

"You're taught from a young age don't drink and drive. The consequences you have not only to yourself but to others are just incredible. It is a parent's worst nightmare to receive that phone call in the middle of the night."

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