Horizon city family stranded on cruise liner Triumph

Horizon city family stranded on cruise liner Triumph

EL PASO, Texas - It's been all over the media for days now. The Carnival cruise liner Truimph was stranded off the Gulf of Mexico for more than 4 days after a fire in the engine room caused it to lose electricity.

It has been reported passengers and crew members had to deal with no power, no running water, backed up toilets and food shortages.

Among those on board was a Horizon city family, but unlike a lot of what we've seen, this family told ABC-7 that for them, it wasn't all that bad.

Vida Taylor showed ABC-7 a picture of all her family and friends that went on the Carnival cruise, 14 alltogether. Taylor told ABC-7 the first thing she and her family did when they got off the boat was bathe and put on clean clothes.

For the family, it began as a great getaway.

"It was time to spend with everyone, the second night was the formal night, so we were all together," said Taylor.

Taylor said it was a wonderfull time, until Sunday around 5 a.m.

"We heard on the intercoms that something was going on," said Taylor.

For the family, it was unusual, but as time passed the pages over the intercom seemed a bit more serious.

"They never said there was a fire but you understood that there was something serious going on," said Taylor.

The family was still going in and out of sleep trying to figure out what was going on, but then, "we woke up, since we were on the second deck we could smell smoke and chemicals," said Taylor.

By Sunday afternoon, the ship's director told them there had been a fire in the propulsion system and that they were going to be stranded for a few days.

But Taylor and her family we're still in good spirits for a while.

"The scary thing for me was when then sent the helicopters," said Taylor. The helicopters brought in a few supplies and dropped some generators for the kitchen. The ship was able to continue making food. 

Taylor said the crew was unbelievably helpful. "The staff was there, we asked for anything, they brought it to us. They made sure even in the conditions that they picked up our rooms and tried to do the best," said Taylor.

Taylor told ABC-7 she and her family got something out of the ordeal during a short time of despair which will make for an unforgettable experience. "For us, the bonding time with our families," said Taylor.

ABC-7 did ask Taylor about the restroom situation and she told ABC-7 some restrooms on the upper decks worked on and off, so it wasn't too bad.

Taylor also said they were never without food -- they even ate steak and lobster for dinner the last two days. The most interesting act on the ship that caught Taylor's eye was a woman wearing a white robe that said, "Ship happens."

Taylor told ABC-7 she would take a trip again.

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