Honoring and remembering Officer Corvinus

Thousands mourn Officer Corvinus

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. - The services for Alamogordo police Officer Clint Corvinus were a time to reflect on his life and his time serving.

Although it was an emotional day there were moments where some smiled when remembering Corvinus' brighter moments in life.

The Alamogordo Police Department lost a valuable member of their team on Sept. 2, when Corvinus was gunned down while pursuing a wanted man.

Border Patrol agents stood at attention Saturday morning as the body of the slain officer was escorted into the Alamogordo Tay's Center.

Once inside, hundreds of law enforcement agents gathered along with civilians to say their final farewell.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez spoke during the service saying: "We don't know why tragedies like this happen but we do know that there are bad people in the world and they do not respect the uniform. That is why law enforcement professionals like Officer Corvinus put on the uniform every single day."

Martinez then turned to Corvinus' 14-year-old daughter to comfort her. "Jessica your father loved you and he will always be with you," she said, adding, "[Corvinus] was willing to give up his life to protect those he loved and those he didn't even know."

Corvinus leaves behind his parents and his daughter, but it's clear that he made an impact on so many as more than 2,000 attended Saturday's funeral services.

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