EL PASO, Texas -

The El Paso Rhinos hockey team has been representing El Paso for 10 years. The junior ice hockey team founded in 2006 has won eight division championships since its inception.

The Sierra Providence Events Center may be the home of the championship-winning team, but officials with the team say some of the players don't have a home themselves.

That's because players come from all over the world.

"From Canada, the Czech Republic, from Sweden, Latvia, Russia -- you name it, they come here," said Sean Hitchcock, the assistant coach for the Rhinos.

Hitchcock told ABC-7 that players are in need of homes to stay as they prepare for the season, which begins in about two months.

"The players don't get paid," Hitchcock said.

The players, which range from 16 to 21 years of age, want to play hockey at a higher level.

"They are basically trying to get a scholarship to go on to college," Hitchcock said.

Hitchcock said that the housing program is similar to something people have heard of before.

"Kind of like foreign exchange students. Parents will cook for them and feed them," Hitchcock said.

The coach said he understands how some people can be apprehensive about inviting someone they don't know to live in their home.

"I feel like a lot of people definitely get scared when they're going to bring someone else into their home, but they are basically just kids," Hitchcock said. "They are teenage boys, and they are all really good kids. We talk to them before we get here, and they basically become part of the family."

Hitchcock also told ABC-7 that there are some benefits to helping the potential future hockey stars.

"Kids who were here four years ago ... their families still talk to them. They come in town to visit," Hitchcock said. "It's good for them and you get to know people from other cultures."

The program lasts about eight months. Those who take in a player receive a monthly stipend of $300.

Those interested in the program can call (915) 203-1666, or visit the Rhinos website.