Homeowner puts up obscene, anti-Trump Christmas display near high school

EL PASO, Texas - The homeowner who arranged a Christmas lights display to read, "F*** Trump" told ABC-7 he plans to rearrange the display considering his home is right next to Bel Air High School in the Lower Valley.

"Our President-elect is real big on freedom of speech, so I think every citizen has a right to use it as well," Omar Rodriguez said, "That's how it started, let me go ahead and express how I feel."

Rodriguez told ABC-7 he got the idea from friends he invited over for Thanksgiving. He said if Trump "can make racist or sexist comments and get away with it, and still be elected, then I have the right to do this."

"At first, it was purely comical," Rodriguez said, "People liked it and we decided to leave it. People have been very supportive and even taken photos." Rodriguez said he spoke with his neighbors and they did not have a problem with it.

"They said, 'go ahead, but if they egg your house, you will have to deal with it,'" Rodriguez said.

The homeowner told ABC-7 he has decided to modify the display because his house is right in front of Bel Air High School. "It will be the same concept, but I will rearrange it," he said.

"I know it's offensive, but he's entitled to his opinion," said neighbor Fernie Ramos, "In front of a high school, it does worry people. It's his opinion, it's his property."

Vivian Trevino, a student at Bel Air High School said she did not find the display offensive but could understand why some would be concerned.  "I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but it is wrong being next to a high school," Trevino told ABC-7.

Elsa Jurado, the grandparent of a student enrolled at Bel Air High School, is upset.  "It's a very poor example for an adult to put something like that, especially in front of the high school. I don't like it myself. It's very bad," Jurado said.

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