Homeland Security secretary visits Artesia, NM migrant detention center

EL PASO, Texas - U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says all undocumented immigrants will be deported, possibly starting as soon as next week.

Johnson spent part of Friday touring a federal law enforcement training center in Artesia, New Mexico where some undocumented immigrants have been sent.

He also has a message to those undocumented immigrants already here and those contemplating coming to the U.S. illegally - you will be sent back to your home country.

Johnson told the media that having detention facilities like the one in Artesia allows for what he called "expedited removal."

Since these immigrants are being held as opposed to being let go on their own recognizance, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can process the immigrants faster.

The facilities at the Artesia center have a 700-person capacity.

Currently, there is a population of a little over 400 immigrant family units there and ICE expects more to arrive.

"We intend to bring in additional people (friday night) and we are rapidly building additional detention capability for family units, for adults that are bringing their children into the Rio illegally with the goal of turning people around as quickly as possible," Johnson said.

Without more beds, he says immigrants caught entering the country illegally will continue to be released while awaiting their deportation and asylum hearings.

Johnson was also expected to meet Friday with officials in Weslaco, Texas. There, they'll discuss the ongoing humanitarian immigrant crisis caused in South Texas by the surge in unaccompanied minors and family groups.

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