Hit-and-run arrest relieves family of Alma Reaux

Ruben Cazares charged with double murder

El Paso Police arrest Socorro man for double murder

El Paso Police arrested 38-year-old Ruben Cazares and charged him with two counts of murder from the November hit-and-run that killed 18-year-old Alma Reaux.

A detective spoke with Alma's sister, Alvina Reaux, Tuesday morning to tell her the news. The family canceled their Christmas because they are still grieving about the accident that happened November 19 during the afternoon in the 200 block of West California Avenue, near St. Patrick Cathedral.

"They finally found the people that did it and that was really good news," Reaux said. She and her sister were five years apart. Alvina describes Alma as an independent young woman who loved to write poetry and paint. "I've never had such a close relationship with anybody."
Alma's mother was too distraught to talk. However, Alvina says the family has honored Alma by putting a memorial with a cross and flowers at the accident site.

Police say Cazares and Reaux were meeting for a drug deal. The investigation revealed that a fight between the two caused Cazares to take off in an SUV after running over Reaux. The victim was 13-weeks pregnant when the hit-and-run happened. Testimony from witnesses was critical in the investigation, according to a news release.

ABC-7 pulled the criminal records for Cazares. He's been arrested previously for aggravated robbery, burglary and possession of drugs.  

Along with sister Alvina, Reaux left behind a brother, mother, father and a dog named "Courage." Alvina says she plans to go to the trial and hopes that justice is served for her sister, her unborn nephew and her family.

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