Hispanic man who changed last name to Trump gets new license

EL PASO, Texas - Ernesto Baeza Acosta, the Texas man who changed his last name to Trump, has received his new license and social security card, Mundo Hispánico reports.

Trump has been criticized recently for renouncing his Spanish last name.

"When I go out and people see my new license, they say bad things to me. They tell me they are going to beat me up or tell people in Mexico to kill me," Trump told Mundo Hispánico.

The 34-year-old was born in Houston to Mexican parents who immigrated to the United States 40 years ago, Mundo Hispánico reports.

Trump says his admiration for the president is so great, he wants to be acknowledged as one of the president's sons.

The Daily Mail reports that in the name change petition, Trump wrote, "I want to use my new name because it is more suitable for professional purposes.'

Trump admitted he did not vote for President Trump in the November 2016 election because was not registered to vote at the time, the Daily Mail reports.

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