Highway 70 safety project almost done

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - When many people think of Highway 70, they remember the crashes that have taken lives. Most of those deadly crashes involved a car crossing the median and heading into oncoming traffic.

New Mexico Department of Transportation officials said steel cable barriers should help prevent those kinds of crashes.

The nearly $3 million project is nearly done.

After the barriers started going up in May, a woman crashed -- her car sliding sideways into the cable. Her car actually squeezed through to the other side.

Officials called it a "one in a million" crash.

The barriers began going up after a collision last October that killed a mother and son. In May, the woman's husband filed a lawsuit against the DOT alleging the unsafe roadway led to their deaths.

Some Las Crucens think the barrier will make them feel safer. Others don't agree.

"Maybe if they put brick ones. Maybe that would stop them from going on the other side into oncoming traffic," said April Loera.

"I don't necessarily feel like I'm going to have an accident. I'm an optimist, but yeah, I think it will help most people feel safer and more secure when you drive," said Maury Castro.

DOT officials expect the project to be finished by the end of July.

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