High-speed pursuit on I-10 leads to arrest of felon

Man leads law enforcment in a chase across state lines

El Paso, Texas - It was a domestic violence call that turned into a high-speed pursuit across state lines.

New Mexico State police officials tell us police received a 911 call Sunday afternoon from a woman who told police her ex-husband had an AK-47 assault rifle.

When officers showed up, they saw Herreria leaving and when they try to pull him over, he fled and the chase began.

It started near the Border Highway and Yarbrough in El Paso's lower valley and ended up in New Mexico.

Once Herreria crossed the state line, the Texas Department of Public Safety  also jumped in to assist in the pursuit.

The shots caused his car to skid across traffic lanes and come to a halt on the shoulder.

Once Herreria was put in handcuffs, he sat on the back of a truck looking calm and swinging his snake skin boots.

New Mexico state police got a search warrant to look through Herreria's truck and officials say, they did not find any weapons there.

It turns out, Herreria had 11 felony warrants and 7 of those were violation's of restraining orders and one on terroristic threats.

ABC-7 spoke with the suspect. "Woud you like to make any comment?"

"Ah, it's all behind my ex-wife," said Herreria.

Those were his last words before he was taken to a Las Cruces detention facility.


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